Monday, December 21, 2009

Qualities of a good wife......

Been mths since I last update the blog.. Reasons being there's lots of work to be done in sch due to the preparation of the year end concert, parents teachers meeting and new classes for year 2010 and partly its because I wanted to aviod those unwanted gossip among relatives. I chose to stay away from my blog not that I have anything bad for them to gossip but just don't want to be involved in their topic of the day no matter gd or bad.. Ha! I think this phobia runs in our family.. Agree? Ha.. I can foresee some heads nodding.. lolx!

Anyway, just curious about the qualities of a gd wife.. Is there a guideline that says you can't start a family / you are not a gd wife when you doesn't like to eat raw vege? Don't know how to differentiate vege? Phobia of cats? I know it has been a long time since I cook a proper meal but that doesn't mean I don't know how to cook at all.. FYI, I do know how to cook simple dishes though I seldom lay my hands on the wok and stove.. I won't say I can cook very well but I do believe its a matter of time and practice.. Practice makes perfect!

The issue of cats... Ha! It has always been my weakest point! I'm afraid of cats and cockroaches but over the years, I am proud to say that I've overcome the phobia of cockroach.. I no longer scream and run away when I see it but the sight of cats still makes me feel uneasy.. I believe there's nothing wrong with that, right?

Maybe I should get "The Good Wife's Guide" from Mr Pang...

Hmm.. he should get "The Good Husband's Guide" too....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Memorable Genting Trip

Heart this Genting trip..!!

08.09.09 marked a very special day..

It's the day Dear proposed to me.. =)))))

Ha.. I wonder how this boy managed to smuggle the flowers and ring to Genting without my knowledge.. Hmm, I was really surprised and touched though I didn't really show it out cos I was still in a shock.. lolx!

I have been pestering him about the proposal but he kept saying there isn't any need for it.. Cos we've bought our house etc already.. Sob! Sob! so sad...

Pestered him again before his birthday by asking "Have you ever thought of doing something meaningful on your birthday or maybe on mine? Hmm.. maybe propose to me??!!" Lolx.. And he said I'm crazy.. lolx!

And this silly girl really thought of proposing to him during our trip but am afraid that I might spoil his plan if he has any.. Ha! And true enough! He did it!!! Hmm, is this what we call telepathy??!! Ha..

I was actually pulling a long black face before I took this photo.. Cos he came up with excuse that he needs to go to the toilet and made me sat at starbucks for almost 20mins!! It was freaking cold!! And the moment he returned, I nagged at him..

Was still pissed off and this crazy baby kept asking me to take photo along our way to the room..

Complained that I smile only when I look at the camera..
So here's my real sulky face

I was kinda suspicions about the whole "toilet" and photo taking issue by the time I reached doorstep..

And taaaaadaaaaa........
Here's the big sweet surprise! Gave me a shock!

Thanks Baby! I love you!

smile baby smile.. look at the cam and smile..

hehehee... faint! this guy doesn't know how to smile.. lolx!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kids' Drawings...

Yesterday was a busy day!!

Cos its the last day of Term 3 and we had to compile the kids' worksheets and crafts for them to bring home..

Won't be seeing them until 14th Sept! Yeah..

The theme for the first five weeks of Term 3 was 'The Secret Garden'..

Got the kids to draw out the life cycle of butterfly and frog during their free time when they complete their worksheet.. It turned out to be very nice! But its a pity that I returned without taking a picture of it..

For the last five weeks of Term 3 was 'In and Around the Farm'..

I had a hard time learning how to draw the animals before I could really teach the kids.. It took me about 2 to 3 weeks to learn! Ha.. Pls! I never like to draw.... The kids laughed at me when I first started cos some of the drawing didn't turn out to be what it should be! Sometimes I even refer to the paper and the smart ones will go "Ha.. Ms Jenny, why u look at the paper? U don't know how to draw eh?" Argh! It was so tough!

But I know my hard work paid off when I saw the kids happily creating their Farm Animals Book and the smiles on their parents' face! The kids were so excited to show their mummy their creation during dismissal..

Below are some of their drawings...

Thomas Train
(Baby taught me how to draw this)




Hen and Chick

Dog and Puppy

Pig and Piglet

Horse and Foal

This is my favourite!!
Here's Joel's description..
He drew some people sitting on the horse and foal..
One is from blue group and the other from red group..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

counting down...

I am counting down to sch holiday...

Yeah! I need a break.. away from the kids and noisy classroom!

They are killing me.. told them I'm gonna get a pacifier for them if this continue..

Anyway, celebrated Teacher's Day on 31st Aug and Baby's 26th birthday on 1st Sept..

Here's the pics...

Taken National Day Celebration

All in Red and White

At Royal Park

At Yuki Yaki

DIY ice cream

his peppermint ice cream

It's my turn!

Heard a sad news from Grace yesterday afternoon..

One of her boy's Daddy just passed away over the weekend.. He's only 32 yrs old!!

My eyes were filled with tears when I heard about it..

We were being so insensitive.. The boy brought chocolate on last Wed, told me about it and I kept disturbing him etc.. He's such a bright boy, I have always like to "disturb" him.. He didn't come to school for the next few days..

He went round telling his classmates "My Papa died.." when he returned to school yesterday afternoon..

After assembly, he walked past my classroom from the toilet and said the same thing to me "Ms Jenny, my Papa died.." Goodness! I was holding back my tears.. he was looking so innocent when he said that.. Pointed the bruise on his hand to me.. and I applied Zam-Buk for him..

Came to school today and when he walked past my classroom again, he said "Ms Jenny, thanks for applying Zam-Buk for me.." Heart ache when I heard him saying that..

He even told Grace "My Papa died, everyone cry but I did not cry.."

Grace explained to him that if he wants to cry, its ok.. he can cry out.. and poor boy.. you can see tears in his eyes..

Its so sad to hear this.. This boy is only 4 yrs old and we have always admire his Daddy.. he's such a wonderful Daddy.. always accompany the boy to excursion when he was in Nursery One, he will always attend the PTM even if mummy is not available.. Sigh! Hope he can rest in peace..


Maybe that's life...

Alright, gonna sleep soon.. Nitez!